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If your country of residence is not displayed on this page,  please notify us.  Alternatively, our titles can be purchased in e-book and paperback format on Amazon/Kindle.

Escape to another place with Feather Knight Books


Feather Knight Books is a traditional Australian Publishing Company that has been operating since October 6, 2018. We produce high quality fiction books and specialise in entertainment. 

While we are a traditional publishing company, we also offer alternative publishing arrangements and services for writers. 

Recently we have opened distribution channels to deliver novels to our international readers. Our distribution services extend to bookstores, booksellers, and libraries globally.

FKB titles are sold directly through our site and are also available at selected bookstores.

Feather Knight Books is interested in brave authors who write from the heart of experience, and fearless writers who think outside of the square.

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We value our readers at Feather Knight Books. Workplace Safety: Strict Packaging and Handling Protocols.
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