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Feather Knight Books is a New Australian Publishing Company and online book store that publishes, promotes and sells fiction novels. We also offer global distribution services to booksellers. The company name and logo are based on the owner’s family heritage and coat of arms. Feather Knight Books has been operating as a publishing company since September 28, 2018. Caroline Mullarkey is the company owner and is also the author of Corrupted Innocence.

At Feather Knight Books we are interested in manuscript submissions of all fiction genres and fearless writers who think outside the square. For future updates, news or manuscript submission dates, please join our email signup.

Feather Knight Books

Caroline Mullarkey, author of Corrupted Innocence

Caroline Mullarkey’s novel, Corrupted Innocence, has been featured on radio and in the media. Published by Feather Knight Books in 2018, Corrupted Innocence is quickly becoming recognised world wide. With a diverse ensemble of interesting characters, this story is one of endurance, hope and the courage to go on. Even without the strength to do so. Read More

Matt Dunn author of Red Time

Matt Dunn, Gippsland journalist, is the 1st author signed by Feather Knight Books publishing company. His fiction novel Red Time was released in April 2019. Red Time by Matt Dunn received glowing reviews on the ABC and in a string of newspapers: The Star, The Foster Mirror, The Herald Sun, and the AFL footy records magazine. Our author’s crime fiction, Red Time, made LEAD book review in The Herald Sun. This entrancing and earthy story is about overcoming past trauma and finding belongingness through love. Read More

Jeanne Erickson author of Rebel Without a Clue

Jeanne Erickson, author of Rebel Without a Clue, is currently the editor-in-chief at The New York Examiner – a celebrity magazine. Feather Knight Books author, Jeanne Erickson’s stories are published in the US Weekly, OK! and the National Enquirer. Jeanne Erickson’s heart-warming page turner, is an engaging story about second chances, friendship and the magic that happens when you finally open your heart. Read More

Jed Hart Author of The Jake Hunt Series: Without Warning

Jed Hart, author of The Jake Hunt Series: Without Warning, is the founder of Hart Aviation which operates in 60 countries. Jed Hart’s powerful action packed novel is a masterfully written story about a man who must choose between love, loyalty and duty. Read More