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Rebel Without a Clue by Jeanne Erickson

Corrupted Innocence by Caroline Mullarkey

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September 2019

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Get your free e-book version of this top seller at Kindle and Amazon store. Red Time by Matt Dunn has been featured in a string of newspapers and broadcasted on various radio stations. His crime fiction novel made lead book review in the Herald Sun and received a glowing review in the AFL Footy Records magazine.


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August 31, 2019


The team at Feather Knight Books were thrilled to see their author MATT DUNN mentioned in the Herald Sun review―Saturday 31, 2019―of Sarah Thornton’s debut novel ‘Lapse’, alongside the brilliant Jane Harper and Sarah Bailey.

Herald Sun 3

August 2019

Matt Dunn’s novel Red Time has received rave reviews on various radio stations and in newspapers. Recently making lead book review in the Herald Sun. His latest achievement is his feature review in the AFL Footy Records magazine.

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Red Time by Matt Dunn book review in the AFL Footy Records magazine


June 8, 2019

Our talented author, MATT DUNN, made leading book review in the Herald Sun. It will be featured this Saturday, June 8.

May 14, 2019 

The Great Southern Star Newspaper Article featuring Matt Dunn – Author of Red Time. Follow link for the Full Story on ‘Author Overwhelmed’ 

If you missed our author, Matt Dunn’s ABC radio interview this morning, you can listen back through the following link. ABC RADIO

Please Note: On the ABC slider bar, Matt’s broadcast begins at 53:08


Matt Dunn will discuss his novel Red Time and his journey as an author. ABC radio 7:20 a.m. Tomorrow morning May 17, 2019
If you don’t live in Gippsland, you can listen through this link: ABC RADIO 

ABC RADIO GIPPSLAND, Interview with Feather Knight Books author of Red Time, Matt Dunn. New Australian Publishing Company.

ABC RADIO GIPPSLAND Interview with Feather Knight Books author Matt Dunn.

Red Time by Matt Dunn. Publisher Feather Knight Books. Book Launch May 11, 2019 Korumburra Brewing Co. Matt Dunn’s book launch was a roaring success. Thank you to everyone who attended and made this event a special occasion. 

Red Time by Matt Dunn Published by Feather Knight Books
Red Time by Matt Dunn Published by Feather Knight Books


COSMOS – Marty Box and Laura Gibb performed beautifully at Matt Dunn’s RED TIME book launch. Located at the Korumburra Brewing Co. May 12,  2019 

Marty Box and Laura Gibb at Matt Dunn’s Red Time book launch.


Performing at Matt Dunn's Red Time Book Launch. Laura Gibb and Marty Box

Burra Brewery Matt Dunn RED TIME Book Launch

The launch of Matt Dunn’s novel, Red Time, will be held at the Burra Brewing Co. – 12 Commercial Street, Korumburra, VIC 3950 – on Saturday, May 11 from 5p.m. Music will be provided by renowned Leongatha performers Marty Box and Laura Gill. People are encouraged to wear their football colours. “For me it will really be a celebration. There’s a lot of people I want to thank for helping this book come to life—chief among them the wonderful team at Feather Knight Books,” Dunn said. “The Australian literary community needs more publishers like FKB.”
Matt Dunn

Without warning by Jed Hart—a compelling fictional story about war, compassion, love, and morality. Life and death ‘Grand Scale’ weighing on the conscience of only one person; an innocent female who has spent her young life as a model citizen. Will she make the right choice in her moral dilemma?  Without Warning is an entertaining novel that enlightens our minds to the ‘real’ possibilities and potential dangers in the world we live in. Without Warning raises mindful queries: Are we safe at the hands of our democratic leaders? Has the media influenced our minds to discriminate against people (even on a subconscious level) culturally and racially?  Like a deep, enriching tune, Jed has an intellectual rhythm that brings his words to light. Without Warning is a seriously-entertaining read; coupled with political dynamo and an insightful journey into the minds of the so-called ‘protector’ and ‘terrorist.’ This novel arouses a dark reflection into our political system—and what it actually stands for: Are we living in a society where rules must be broken in order to survive?

We would like to welcome our new author—Jed Hart—to the Feather Knight Books family. It has been a productive and exciting year for Feather Knight Books; which became a publishing company at the end of 2018. Never did I imagine that we would discover and sign three brilliant writers so soon: Matt Dunn, author of Red Time. Jeanne Erickson author of Rebel Without a Clue and now, Jed Hart, author of Without Warning. Welcome aboard JED HART. 

3MFM Radio. Wendy Williams radio Interview with Matt Dunn, author of Red Time. April 2019

Foster Mirror Newspaper 17th April 2019 Featuring Red Time by Matt Dunn

Herald Sun Weekender article by Barry Reynolds
Featuring Matt Dunn—Author of 2019 New Release ‘Red Time’: Publisher—Feather Knight Books. 24th Nov 2018.

Herald Sun

Featuring Matt Dunn—Author of ‘Red Time’ (Left) and Caroline Mullarkey—Author of ‘Corrupted Innocence’ (Right) Owner of Feather Knight Books publishing company.

Red Time Video Promotion: Dan Eddy-Football Writer-Interviews author of Red Time Matt Dunn. Featuring Promo and book cover model Rhett Mclennan.

Red Time by Matt Dunn: Video by Caroline Mullarkey. Red Time paperback and e-book now available world wide on Amazon and Kindle store.

Matt Dunn, author of Red Time, author biography, Australian Fiction, New Release 2019, top Australian fiction books
Red Time by Matt Dunn

Jeanne Erickson, New York Editor Newyork Examiner, author of Rebel without a clue, coming soon to Feather Knight Books 2019, Top Fiction.

Corrupted Innocence, top seller, new release fiction books 2018, top reads, 5 star rating good reads, author Caroline Mullarkey, published by Feather Knight Books

ABC Radio Broadcast: Rebecca Symons interviews Feather Knight Books Publisher and author of Corrupted Innocence-Caroline Mullarkey.

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    1. Thank you for your feedback Maureen. I am happy to hear that you enjoyed my novel ‘Corrupted Innocence’. Do you have a favourite scene or chapter?

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