The Magic of Jung by Dr Toula Gordillo

The Magic of Jung

A Life Changing New Approach to Spiritual Psychology Based on the Teachings of Dr Carl Jung.


An Effective Practice in Enhancing Youth Resilience

Today’s youth are in crisis! Mental health issues are soaring, and parents, carers, teachers, even therapists are struggling to know what to do. Inspired by the life and work of pioneering transpersonal psychologist, Dr Carl Jung, for more than a decade Dr Toula Gordillo has developed a new resilience-enhancing method: Story Image Therapy (SIT®). The Magic of Jung is a true hero’s journey story. Inside its pages, Toula demonstrates not only how she has applied Jung’s knowledge in the healing of her own adolescent complex, but also the case studies of six young people whose lives were transformed through the practical application of Story Image Therapy.

Dr Toula Gordillo is a practicing clinical and transpersonal (spiritual) psychologist, former teacher, guidance counsellor and Head of Student Services in some of Queensland’s largest high schools. She’s the author of a Young Adult mythic fantasy novel, Shadows of Sylvaheim. Toula has written numerous academic and other articles and book chapters. She has spoken on national radio and presented on ancient stories and images for modern mental health around Australia, New Zealand and India.

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