About Tori Jeffress

Dogs Riding a Horse. Rocco and Friends by Tori Jeffressco and Friends by Tori Jeffress, Toby Dog

Tori Jeffress is 28 years old and comes from a country town called Manildra in Central West NSW. Combined with a love of the land and livestock she has a passion for rehabilitating horses with soundness and behavioural issues. Animals have always been a huge part of her life and some of her best friends. 

Tori’s book was inspired by the idea of embracing what makes each and every one of us unique. “Happiness and joy can only be found when we are true to ourselves and who we are. After all, what is normal anyway!” 

Meet The Real-Life Characters

  • Rocco and friends by Tori Jeffress
  • Tori Jeffress horse Rocco . The inspiration for Rocco and Friends
  • Author of Rocco and Friends Tori Jeffress riding the main character Rocco the horse
  • Tori Jeffress dog Toby. A character from Rocco and Friends
  • Character from Rocco and Friends by Tori Jeffress, Toby Dog
  • Dotty and Toby from Rocco and Friends, odd couples.
  • Real Life Toby from the children's story book Rocco and Friends by Tori Jeffress
  • Dogs Riding a Horse. Rocco and Friends by Tori Jeffressco and Friends by Tori Jeffress, Toby Dog
  • Real Character From Rocco and Friends by Tori Jeffress, Rocco the horse
  • Tori Jeffress and Kelpie called oby
  • Tori Jeffress riding the main star of her children's story book, Rocco

Author’s Inspiration Behind the Book Characters

Rocco Jeffress is my prized horse; he has been my best friend as well as an incredible teacher for the past ten years. He inspired me to step out of my comfort zone and explore new experiences and to never stop learning. My beloved Rocco is cheeky, silly, and inquisitive and is ALWAYS up to mischief.
Rocco came into my life when he was just 3 years old. The journey with him has been a huge learning curve filled with many smiles and tears. Rocco sparked a fire in my soul to learn about biomechanics, animal communication, energy healing and much more. The journey I’ve been on with Rocco has given me a deeper understanding and the skillset to rehabilitate horses and to teach other horse owners to do the same.

Toby is a kelpie bred by Adrian who owns Drovers Dream kelpies. I was incredibly lucky that Adrian lent Toby to me to help with work around the farm. I had Toby for a year and a half before he returned to Adrian. In this time, I became attached to Toby; he has such enthusiasm, gives 100% to farm related tasks, and really loved to snuggle. 
The human character Bob, in Rocco and Friends, is my poppy, Pete. My grandparents have always been there for me and were incredibly supportive while I was growing up. It felt natural that Bob should portray a special person that gave me inspiration throughout my life. When I was younger, my pop would give me a rolling pin and pretend I was holding the Olympic torch. Pop would always say that he was training me, so I was ready for the Olympics. 

I feel blessed to have such beautiful loving people and animals in my life who have helped shape who I am.
Tori Jeffress with the real-life book character Rocco

Tori Jeffress

*Classical Dressage – Inhand and Ridden


*Bitless and Bridleless

Tori Jeffress teaches and trains according to classical dressage principles. She also specialises in horse spinal alignment, with a major focus on detecting ailments beneath the surface. Tori consults with riders about the biomechanical functioning of horses and precautionary procedures whilst working them.

“Understanding basic anatomy allows us as riders and horse people to promote correct muscle development. The stronger the structural foundation the more physically able, balanced, and willing to perform the horse will be.” Tori Jeffress

Tori Jeffress, author of Rocco and Friends. Filming in The Horseman Collective

Tori Jeffress on film: The Horseman Collective

Recently Tori has been working with the Horseman Collective on a series of training videos which will soon be available on their website. Tori Jeffress said, “It was a fun 3 days of filming in April 2023 at Molyullah Mountain Trail with a few nerves, smiles and a lot of laughs. My partnership with the Horseman Collective means that I can share my knowledge and experience with a wider audience of people who may otherwise not be able to attend a clinic in person. My aim is to help people build a partnership with their horse based on trust and willingness, instead of fear and force. Having a horse that is willing and trusting opens so many possibilities such as having a horse that will work with you at liberty (no bridle, saddle). 

“There is always more to learn about our horses and what our horses have to teach us about ourselves. I believe none of us stop learning until we take our very last breath!” 

Tori Jeffress has also been featured in Horsewyse Magazine