Denise thoroughly enjoyed another author’s talk, this time hosted by the community library in the coastal bay-side town of Rosebud. The timing was excellent as it was held during International Book Week with the theme of Read, Grow, Inspire. Her espionage/ romance novel, Mission: Angela, published by Feather Knight Books, was the focus of the talk with the engaging range of Q and A enhancing the interaction. Many aspects of writing were discussed, which according to one participant, provided inspiration to begin writing.  This prompted a discussion about the overall benefits of life-long learning. Denise is now looking forward to another opportunity hosted by libraries, when she visits the Geelong Regional Libraries, Apollo Bay in November. She is delighted with the responses she has received from community libraries which encourage the fabulous journey of creative writing and life-long learning.

The Jake Hunt Series: Block 33 Book Launch Queenscliff

One hundred keen Jed Hart fans gathered at 360Q restaurant in Queenscliff on the Bellarine to launch Jed’s latest novel, Block 33, the second book in the Jake Hunt Series. The first in the series, Without Warning, was published in 2020.

How do you launch a book? There’s no blueprint so we called in Michael Scott a veteran of the microphone on the Bellarine Peninsular, to act as Master of Ceremonies, and the regionally famous Yea singing group, The Four Fathers, to entertain between courses.

The mood was upbeat, the food provided by Barry Iddles and his team was excellent. The singing called for encores and audience participation.

Michael interviewed Jed and the discussion ranged from writing discipline, to getting shot down in war time, and making love during an earthquake. This fascinating insight into the writer’s craft left the audience wondering how much of the Jake Hunt Series is fiction and how much actually happened.

It was a special night. Caroline Mullarkey from Feather Knight Books, publisher of the Jake Hunt Series, spoke after which there was a stampede for books. Without Warning, Block 33 and Jed’s children’s book Zac’s Magic Legs and the great toilet roll heist of 2020 were sold and signed by the dozens. All titles are available from featherknightbooks.com and selected bookstores; both paperback and digital versions from amazon.com.au.

The third book in the Jake Hunt trilogy, Just Reward, is currently being edited in New York and will be published soon.

We can hardly wait.

Our Latest Title by Tori Jeffress

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  • Rocco and friends by Tori Jeffress
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  • Real Character From Rocco and Friends by Tori Jeffress, Rocco the horse
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  • Tori Jeffress riding the main star of her children's story book, Rocco