The Horseman Collective Film featuring Feather Knight Books’ author, Tori Jeffress

Tori Jeffress, author of Rocco and Friends. Filming in The Horseman Collective

Recently Tori has been working with the Horseman Collective on a series of training videos which will soon be available on their website. Tori Jeffress said, “It was a fun 3 days of filming in April 2023 at Molyullah Mountain Trail with a few nerves, smiles and a lot of laughs. My partnership with the Horseman Collective means that I can share my knowledge and experience with a wider audience of people who may otherwise not be able to attend a clinic in person. My aim is to help people build a partnership with their horse based on trust and willingness, instead of fear and force. Having a horse that is willing and trusting opens so many possibilities such as having a horse that will work with you at liberty (no bridle, saddle). 

“There is always more to learn about our horses and what our horses have to teach us about ourselves. I believe none of us stop learning until we take our very last breath!” 

The Horseman Collective is an online training platform that offers horsemanship training sessions produced in 4K quality. They have something for everyone from lessons on float loading, natural horsemanship, horse health, dressage, biomechanics, riding bridleless and even something for the kids and those starting out with horses. Tori’s training sessions are based on classical riding principles with a focus on creating a sound, balanced and willing horse. 

Topics Tori Jeffress cover include:

* Building a connection with your horse

* Energy exchange and how your energy affects your horse

* In-hand work

* Ridden work

* The correlation between biomechanics and the wellbeing of the horse

* Bridleless

* Basic jumping exercises

Rocco and friends by Tori Jeffress

REVIEW by Elissa Hiller (psychologist) 

Rocco and friends is a delightful children’s story about unlikely friendships. Rocco isn’t any ordinary horse, he’s a horse who gallops to his own beat. This story engages the reader in the beauty of being different and the gift of vulnerability (even when it hurts). It shares that true friendship is determined not by what you look like or how you behave, but by the gifts you bring to others. Acceptance for who you are and genuine connection are not mutually exclusive, but are both required to gallop in your own herd. This story teaches children that friendships require kindness and compassion and that words really can hurt. What a joy to read about this delightful horse and his true friends! The colouring in at the end is a gift that just keeps giving.

Mythic Moments

Newsletter by Dr Toula Gordillo – Author of Shadows of Sylvaheim and The Magic of Jung

Hello and welcome to this month’s newsletter. I recently presented a talk to Queensland Jung Society members on how we can know ourselves better. I used the myth of Chiron and the wounded healer to describe my own journey to wholeness. This included the physical and metaphysical methods I used to heal my painful adolescent “wounds”. These wounds were triggered over a decade ago, then re-triggered again in my late forties. The result was the spontaneous creation, and later refinement, of what is now called Story Image Therapy (SIT®).

The holistic approach I used to heal my adolescent pain, form the foundation of my teaching and counselling SIT system. My journey to its creation, grounded in academic and practical psychological and spiritual research, is the subject of my soon-to-be published second book, The Rise of Jung in Me. It is due to be published by Feather Knight Books later this year. This book describes my life-changing new approach to spiritual psychology and adolescent healing based on the teachings of Dr Carl Jung and the ancient Stoic philosophers.
The Rise of Jung in Me. An Extraordinary Journey to Science, Story and Spirit to Heal the Wounded Adolescent Within *STORY IMAGE THERAPY* by Toula Gordillo

The Jung Society audience asked a number of questions about my sojourn journey to Self. Members showed great interest in my personal and professional story, including some mystical experiences I cannot explain. It is these mystical experiences that Carl Jung would describe as the “real therapy” to heal a neurosis. In my case, anxiety over not doing enough to help improve young people’s resilience. My talk was so well received that I’ve been asked to present on a similar topic to Brisbane Theosophical Society on the 7th of June this year. Everyone is welcome. Details will be advised on my facebook page:

Cheers, Dr Toula

Dr Toula Gordillo Rehearsing-Speech-for-Know-Thyself-talk-at The Queensland Jungian Society, April 2023

Geelong Regional Libraries: Queenscliff

The new Hub in Queenscliff was almost a full house for Denise’s talk on writing her recently released spy romance fiction, Mission: Angela, published by Feather Knight Books.

She thanked the Branch Librarian, Hilary Stennett for making the event possible. Denise gave praise and encouragement for lifelong learning and adult learning, especially in this case – writing. Acknowledgement was given to supportive writing groups who foster the skills of writing for pleasure and publication.

The audience was very engaging, responsive with pertinent questions. Lots of interesting comments.

It was also a good catch up for locals in the community with a common interest. The Hub which houses the Queenscliff Branch of Geelong Regional Libraries, Historical Museum and Information Centre is an ideal venue for community based events and fosters adult learning in many ways.

Coming Soon: Shadows of Sylvaheim Audio Book

Feather Knight Books author, Toula Gordillo would like to thank the team working on her Shadows of Sylvaheim audiobook: “Final day of voice additions with the wonderful sound engineer, Mark, character voiceovers by Erin of E. Sulman Design, as well as Daniel, Pam, Crystal, Ben, Jo, Abby, Keith and Sally. Brilliant team to work with.”

Queenscliff Herald Featuring Jed Hart author of The Jake Hunt Series

Jed Hart, Block 33, Herald News

On Thursday 24th November, a hundred keen Jed Hart fans gathered at 360Q restaurant in Queenscliff on the Bellarine to launch Jed’s latest novel, Block 33, the second book in the Jake Hunt Series. The first in the series, Without Warning, was published in 2020.

How do you launch a book? There’s no blueprint so we called in Michael Scott a veteran of the microphone on the Bellarine Peninsular, to act as Master of Ceremonies, and the regionally famous Yea singing group, The Four Fathers, to entertain between courses.

The mood was upbeat, the food provided by Barry Iddles and his team was excellent. The singing called for encores and audience participation.

Michael interviewed Jed and the discussion ranged from writing discipline, to getting shot down in war time, and making love during an earthquake. This fascinating insight into the writer’s craft left the audience wondering how much of the Jake Hunt Series is fiction and how much actually happened.

It was a special night. Caroline Mullarkey from Feather Knight Books, publisher of the Jake Hunt Series, spoke after which there was a stampede for books. Without Warning, Block 33 and Jed’s children’s book Zac’s Magic Legs and the great toilet roll heist of 2020 were sold and signed by the dozens. All titles are available from and selected bookstores; both paperback and digital versions from

The third book in the Jake Hunt trilogy, Just Reward, is currently being edited in New York and will be published in 2023.

We can hardly wait.

Block 33: Byron Bay Book Launch

Friends of Libraries, Byron Shire finished 2022 events with Geoff Leach in conversation with Jed Hart.

We will quote from a letter which we have received from Jed himself:

“The choice of Geoffrey Leach as an interviewer was skilled and inspired. Anne was the consummate MC. Poised and in command.”

Sue’s food was both delicious and abundant.

“The evening had plenty of snap, crackle and pop. A perfect, upbeat book launch.

I, for one, was delighted with the event.

Books sold, grog was downed, canapes attacked, conversation was at fever pitch, tall stories were really good fun.”

We guess this is what’s called a successful book launch.

Echo Newspaper Byron Bay Featuring the Launch of Block 33 by Jed Hart

Echo Newspaper Jed Hart author of Block 33 Published by Feather Knight Books

Gillian Turner’s Black Fish Gallery Clifton Springs was a popular destination on the Bellarine art Trail November 26 and 27, 2022 where author Denise Main signed copies of the recent release spy/romance fiction Mission: Angela.  She was delighted to be able to chat with visitors about the story line, research for the plot, writing with the support of writing groups and publishing through Feather Knight Books.  
The theme for the novel rested with a strong female protagonist which was in keeping with the theme of Gillian’s installation Rain Women, an artistic and historical tribute to the strong women of the Mallee town of Natimuk in the 1950s. 

Creative focus on ‘Strong Women’

Artist/Writer/Musician: Gillian Turner

Two installation projects for the Natimuk Frinj Festivals 2019 and 2021/2022

Installation 2019 Voices from the Land

Installed in the Soldiers’ Memorial Hall [foyer side room], Voices from the Land celebrated the lives of senior women in the Wimmera region near Natimuk.


Each of the women had lived most of their life on a farm, either from childhood or marrying a farmer. One woman had to take over the farm when her husband died suddenly.

I invited the women to share stories with each other around a table; it was not an interview structure. I explained the project and how the recorded conversation would be used in fragments to create two soundscapes, each about 6 minutes duration.

These incredibly strong women shared stories about hardship of early years, overcoming drought and isolation, the struggle of raising a family and caring for animals. All were farming women and homemakers. There was also a nurse and a teacher.

Their ‘stories’ were told through the presence of three old lamps with illuminated, hand-made shades. These were decorated with the women’s words and historical information. Set around an ancient brick fireplace, the space was conversational and created an intimate area for visitors to sit and listen to the stories. Feedback attested to the power of these stories to touch so many people. The women, themselves brought family, especially grandchildren, to inspire another generation.


2021 Rain Women and 2022 Installation/Performance The Pattern Maker

Located in the back garden of a local house, and using an original 1950s rotary clothes hoist, this installation and performance work is a celebration of strong women in the 1950s.  The short-lived but important garment industry in Natimuk offered a unique opportunity to tell the little-known story of early employment for women, especially young women in the Raincheta factory set up in Natimuk.  The women worked on an assembly line, first constructing golf jackets and then raincoats, all for the Melbourne market. My research suggests that this factory was the first to make transparent plastic raincoats, and it is this aspect that I used for creating the installation.

A manageress supervised the young women, and each of these women underwent special training, and took on the responsibility of running the factory.

The Pattern Maker is a cross-arts performance work developed in collaboration with three women artists: Jillian Pearce- movement and voice, Mary French – projection/lighting and Gillian Turner – installation and soundscape/ music.

Inspired by Rain Women in 2019, Jillian Pearce wrote a poem, The Pattern Maker, which became the basis of this artwork. It explores the history of the factory, and the role of a young woman in the garment making process.

Three strong, mature-aged women artists worked to create important narratives:

Gillian Turner

Mary French

Jillian Pearce

We acknowledge support from Regional Arts Victoria, ACT Natimuk and City of

Greater Geelong.

Acknowledgement for images:

The Pattern Maker:

Performer: Jillian Pearce

Projection and lighting: Mary French

Installation and sound artist: Gillian Turner

Image: Marg Huxtable (used with permission)

Voices From the Land

Installation and sound artist: Gillian Turner

Images courtesy of the artist

Rain Women

Installation artist: Gillian Turner

Images courtesy of the artist

Nov 2022 Jed Hart, author of Block 33 in The News Echo Byron Bay Newspaper

Byron Shire Echo Newspaper

In The News: Jed Hart, author of The Jake Hunt Series.

If you loved Without Warning, the 1st in the series, Jed’s 2nd book – Block 33 – will blow your socks off: Cartels, deranged drug lords, bloodthirsty criminals, and one man (Jake Hunt) who is willing to sacrifice EVERYTHING to stand his ground. What else could you ask for? Oh yes, ROMANCE. There’s plenty of that too.

Romancing the Stars

I recently had the good fortune to be invited to participate in an event showcasing some of our local literary talent. And what a talented bunch they are!

Romancing the Stars is a fantastic storybook initiative by Queensland’s Book Links. As I and other resident authors and illustrators “speed dated” teachers, librarians and lovers of children’s literature, we revolved around the room like fabled clockwork.

At this annual event, literature paramours laughed and sipped wine, chatted and nibbled on delicious food as they learned about local authors’ inspiration and latest works. Wandering about the library at Immanuel Lutheran College, I also swooned over what our authors and illustrators had created for children and young adults over the past year.

Romancing the Stars events have taken place in Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast since 2012. With great food, a raffle and quiz competition, there were even illustrations for sale and a pop-up bookshop!

Proudly holding my young adult mythic fantasy novel, Shadows of Sylvaheim (far right), I felt privileged to be among such a gifted group of home-grown authors and artists!

Dr Toula Gordillo, Feather Knight Books Author at Romancing The Stars Event, GoldCoast Queensland, Australia

Newsletter Changing Negative Thought Patterns By Dr Toula Gordillo
Hello and welcome to the final newsletter for this year. Someone recently asked how we change negative patterns to bring more positivity and abundance into our lives. This is an important question and I think very fitting for the holiday season.

Jung says the first step to changing any behaviour is to become conscious of it. Understanding our unmet needs through recognising our feelings around a subject is vitally important. We may have a habit of overanalysing events and situations in a black and white manner, rather than an intuitive (flexible) way. Aligning ourselves with what we think is real, rather than allowing ourselves to feel what is right, can lead to problems. To truly know ourselves, thinking AND feeling need to work in harmony, just as we must acknowledge the ‘light’ and ‘dark’ within us all. I presented on this in Maleny recently.
Dr Toula Gordillo
Be completely honest and take time for reflection. Ask yourself, for example, “How do I really feel (the sensation rather than the thoughts) about money?” “What is my primary need not being met and how does money tie in with this?” Write, think, reflect and FEEL. This is Shadow work, and it’s vitally important to change patterns not working for us.
We must see ourselves as being worthy of good things in order for us to attract good things. Do some deep soul-searching for those good things to appear in your life, and your loved ones’ lives by extension. For more information, you are welcome to see my professional Facebook page: or Spiritual Psychology Network:
May you and yours enjoy life’s mythic moments this season and beyond.
Best wishes,
Dr Toula

Storytime at Orange City Library 

“Last Tuesday Dotty, Bruce and I made a visit to Central West Library in Orange NSW for a special storytime with the kids. 

I’d like to thank librarian Bek Salmon for being such an amazing host and making the event possible. 

Dotty and Bruce certainly enjoyed the attention as much as the children enjoyed having some furry friends visit the library.” Tori Jeffress. 

10 Tips to Reduce Anxiety

Newsletter by Dr Toula Gordillo, Shadows of Sylvaheim Author

Dr Toula Gordillo on the merit of worth.

Hello and welcome to this month’s Mythic Moments newsletter. Most of the clients I see experience anxiety in some way. Some only for a short time and some for weeks, months and often for years. So, how do we overcome it?
There are many people who claim to have the answers, but do their methods actually work? Maybe. 

If you want to know if something is likely to work, then how about learning methods that people have been using for two thousand years? 

Surely, if something has been repeated for generation after generation, it is because it has some merit or worth.

The ancient Greek and Roman Stoic philosophers spent their whole lives studying life. Here are ten tips they said could help with anxiety.

  1. Focus on the little things – take one step/day/action/insight at a time
  2. Practice gratitude – make the most out a situation and be grateful for the learning
  3. Have no opinion – remind yourself that you don’t have to have an opinion about things
  4. Stop caring what others think – care only about what you do / think / say / feel
  5. Process your emotions – don’t ignore or squash them, but face and work through them
  6. Don’t suffer imaginary troubles – recognise imagination is not reality and stay in the now
  7. Choose not to be harmed – decide you will not to be harmed by others’ actions, words etc
  8. Go for a walk – leave your phone and thoughts of work at home and walk daily
  9. Keep a journal – get in the habit of journaling every day
  10. Grab the right handle – one bears weight, making you stronger and one disempowers you

For more information on how to achieve these, Ryan Holiday (a renowned Stoic author) has some great ideas. Please see his YouTube video – How the Stoics Dealt with Anxiety: 

Gaining Control of our Anxious Thoughts is Vital for a Good Quality of Life

So, do yourself a favour.  Take a few minutes to watch Ryan’s video. You will be glad you did.

That’s it from me this month and enjoy the mythic moments in your life.


Dr Toula Gordillo

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