Book Review: Without Warning by Jed Hart

Slipstream Review

“Without Warning” Book One: The Jake Hunt Series, by Jed Hart, Feather Knight Books 2020.

Jed Hart’s first novel, Without Warning is an engrossing thriller, which moves between the UK and Brunei, where most of the action takes place. The story is partly autobiographical, taking in Jed’s flying days in the Navy, especially his Vietnam War experiences and later ones in the commercial world. Those who know Jed will wonder if that is the extent of the autobiographical flavour! Most, if not all of the locations mentioned in the book are genuine (at least as far as Google Maps is concerned!) thus lending an authentic feel to the narrative.

The story revolves around the planning and conduct of a major terrorist operation in Brunei, and a strong and complex UK linkage, including the unwitting involvement of a UK-based aviation company with extensive operations in Brunei. The main characters, Jake Hunt, pilot turned aviation executive and his engineer colleague, Nicole Roswell, are very credible and easily relatable to for readers. Supporting characters are also well crafted, especially those involved in the terrorist plot.

Among the real strengths of the book are the insights into terrorist groups and their methods as well as the creation of real tension at many points in the story. The plot is complex and the narrative builds in a way that maintains suspense to the very end.

“Without Warning” is a definite page turner and this reviewer is looking forward to book two of the Jake Hunt series.