Endorsements: Jed Hart author of Without Warning

Luciano Saber—Hollywood Filmmaker, Screenwriter, Director, and Producer—described Without Warning by Jed Hart, as intriguing and engaging.

“Jed is a very gifted writer,” Luciano Saber stated. “Without Warning is simple, clean, and to  the point, giving the reader a look inside the character’s soul.”

Luciano Saber could relate to the story because he encountered similar personalities during his tours of duty.

“Jed Hart’s novel rang true, as did many other story elements, like the 9mm semi-automatic gift from the Sultan. I also appreciated how Jed got into the characters’ heads, giving the reader a glimpse into the dark places where they live. Another passage that stayed with me is after the love encounter with Nicole, he says…

In the warm glow of that amazing moment, I murmured a mental prayer of farewell to my beautiful wife.’

That passage will resonate with everyone that suffered heartache over lost love,” Saber added.

Luciano Saber is an accomplished filmmaker who has written and directed features that have been distributed by reputable networks and distribution channels such as SHOWTIME and REDBOX.