In the News: Jed Hart author of The Jake Hunt Series

3WBC FM Radio Interview With Jed Hart

Jed Hart: Interview with Viarnne Mischon on 3WBC’s What a Wonderful World

‘Jake Hunt is a Vietnam veteran and a pilot. I like him as a character, but as I wrote the book he was very hard to control. He kept going off the rails. I’ve known a lot of men like that.’

‘Many guys when they come back from war don’t relate well to peacetime society. They feel angry that people around them don’t understand, that they have simply been getting on with their normal lives. The great cure, of course, is loving relationships; love of family, love of friends, love of your partner. That brings you back.’

‘You don’t ever get back to where you were before you went to war. You reach a new normal.’

‘I hope I give some enjoyment to people, that too is what writing is about.’