Price Guide

Please Note: The AU prices listed on our price chart are based on the average cost for each service. This guide also provides information about each service. If you would like to send us requirements that are specific to your project, you can get in touch via email:

Basic Manuscript AssessmentWord CountQuote
GST (Inc)
This service is designed to identify strengths and weaknesses in your writing. This process will also determine if your manuscript would benefit from structural editing. You will be provided with a report, outlining any areas that need attention. 40,000






Copy Editing
Word CountQuote
This service includes:
Complete copyedit and proofread.
Please Note: If you also opt for our book formatting service, your manuscript will receive a second proofread.

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Book Formatting
Word CountQuote
Besides cover design, formatting is the last stage of the book production process prior to printing. It is also an investment in the success of your book. Why? Because a beautifully formatted book—that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye—will make the reading experience more enjoyable.

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Typesetting (Optional Extra)Word CountAverage Quote
The artistic practice of typesetting involves arranging and embellishing text, letters, glyphs, and symbols for a more dynamic reading experience. The appearance of your content is just as important as your cover.

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Graphic Design
Book covers using licensed stock images
1. E-book Cover Only
2. Paperback Only
3. E-book + Paperback
4. E-book + Paperback + Hardcover
5. Custom/original illustration

Title Registration Includes:
Physical book: 1 ISBN/1 Bar code. Supplying your book data to Nielsen Title editor. Cataloguing your information with the National Library which enables bookstores and libraries to access and purchase your book.$150.00
Physical book and e-book: 2 ISBNs/1 Bar code. Allocation. Providing a legal deposit and cataloguing information with the National Library which enables bookstores and libraries to access and buy your book. Supplying your book data to Nielsen Title editor.


E-Books and DistributionFrom$300.00

We also provide extremely cost-effective, high-quality printing for 500 + copies. Shipping included/quality assured.