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Book Exhibition – Sunday March 14, 2021

Feather Knight Books set up its first Book Exhibition at the Rosedale market on Sunday. Johann Anselm Rebholz – commissioning editor of the new publishing company said, “It was a great opportunity to talk face to face with book lovers. A customer who was on the hunt for historical fiction took a grand leap into contemporary literature by purchasing one of our novels.”  

It was an all-round good day with perfect weather conditions for families to get outdoors and enjoy the Live music and atmosphere. Even people who were not purchasing appreciated the social outing with their families and pets.  

Rosedale has a unique rural character, rich history, and a sense of community spirit. Local Rosedale resident, Ken Aroin who is involved in the management of the Rosedale Market said, “The proceeds from site fees and the sausage sizzle were being used to restore the old Rosedale school.”

The school was commissioned into operation in 1869 and was the first brick school building in Victoria.

Aroin was excited about the prospects of the school restoration program and what it would mean for the township. “Once the school has been restored it will be open to the public who can experience the classrooms and school in a historical setting.”

The school was built by William Allen who also built the Rosedale Church, Mechanics Institute, and Post Office. For more information on the history of Rosedale visit the Rosedale Historical Society & District.

Feather Knight Books would like to thank all the generous people who donated to the Our Haven Animal Wildlife Shelter.

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