Corrupted Innocence by Caroline Mullarkey AU $19.95

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Will Saylor Find the Strength to Triumph over Tragedy?  Lost in a world of hopelessness, after being sexually assaulted, Saylor flees from her hometown in Gippsland. In her new world she meets like minded friends who inspire her to pursue a life in the Arts.
Now―on the path to fame―life could not be better, until she uncovers the shocking truth.

Haunted by the past, she delves deeper only to discover that enemies are on a mission to destroy her and she is framed for a crime she didn’t commit.  Or did she? Read more to find out.

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New Release 2018

Brand New

Length: 372

Genre: Drama/crime/fiction

 Imprisonment, murder, narcissist, artworld, political corruption, injustice, tragedy, Post Traumatic Rape Disorder

About The Author Caroline Mullarkey


4 reviews for Corrupted Innocence by Caroline Mullarkey AU $19.95

  1. Maureen

    Excellent reading lots of supence and drama

  2. Kerrie

    This is a really brilliant book. I have not read such a good book since I was a teenager. I’m now sixty-one. I started reading Corrupted Innocence and couldn’t put it down because it was so exciting and riveting. I would really suggest this book to anyone that enjoys a good fiction novel. I highly recommend it.

  3. karin gasson

    I was recommended by a friend of Caroline’s to read her first novel Corrupted Innocence – I love reading books but usually only read books from well known authors but decided to read this book. I was absolutely amazed how brilliant it was and couldn’t stop reading – there were so many twists and turns and found it to be one of best books I have ever read (and I have read hundreds of books over the years). It was also great to read a book about Loch Sport and surrounding areas (as I live in Loch Sport) and cannot wait for a sequel or another book written by Caroline, I will be first to read that is for sure – she is a brilliant author!

  4. Chris

    Don’t usually read paperback but this is attention grabbing

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