Corrupted Innocence by Caroline Mullarkey AU $19.95

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Corrupted Innocence – A Riveting Journey Of An Innocent Girl By Caroline Mullarkey


Introduction To Novel:

Corrupted Innocence is a book that shares a riveting journey of an innocent girl who in her teenage years, ends up at crossroads. Her story is a new take on contemporary works of fiction. Like many miserable teenagers fighting their own battle, Saylor is an eighteen-year-old, who lives with her father in Gippsland Victoria, her hometown of many years. Her father, Michael had lost himself the day his wife left; she had abandoned both Saylor and Michael. An unfortunate incident takes place when Saylor is brutally assaulted and raped by her father’s close friend.

The close friend had an eye on Saylor all the while he came to visit her father and was also a popular and highly respected figure in Gippsland. To get away from this terrible experience, she flees from her house, her hometown to a foreign place to start afresh. The new chapter in her life brings her a lot of success and happiness. As things run smoothly, there is a secret that will force her to come face to face with many enemies. Will she be able to soar through this misery? Read to find out!

Summary of Corrupted Innocence:

Corrupted Innocence tells a story about Saylor who is an eighteen-year-old who has lost her mother, Zoe and lives with her father, Michael. Ever since her mother’s departure her father had stopped paying any sort of attention towards her. He is constantly drunk and takes indirect digs at his daughter. Saylor cannot help but feel accountable for her mother’s departure. In an attempt to make things normal again, Saylor would try to engage in conversation with Michael, but he would avoid her.

As a father when she was young, he was not as dull and dreary. Saylor wished he would become the same man again. Her father would find solace in drinking and inviting his old shipmates over to his house for a friendly game of cards. Saylor never liked any of these games because it made it hard for her to wake up the next day for school as she would get disturbed all night. In all these troubles, her age-old pillow became her consolation in difficult times.

She told her pillow all that she went through. It turned into a silent friend who would keep her secrets. Saylor hated each one of her dad’s old shipmates and the respect they demanded from her, she did not feel they deserved it. To transport herself to a different reality, away from all her troubles, she would have some M&Ms and ponder upon the gift her mother had given her before she left them. She couldn’t recall what her mother said was special about it, but she often observed the polished rock. It had intricated blue markings that made no sense to her at all.

Everything was going as usual until one dreadful night, someone lurking in her bedroom changed everything for her. It was Peter Lumer, who was someone her dad respected and a former squadron commander. He had retained his high status even after retirement from the Navy. When her dad had passed out from excessive drinking, Peter sneaked into Saylor’s room and violated her until she lost consciousness. Her muffled screams were unheard by Michael who was not in his senses and couldn’t save his daughter. No one would have imagined their first sexual experience to be so traumatizing.

All that was on her mind ever since, was to get out of town and start all over again. She just wished to be free from embarrassment, away from her dad and most of all Peter Lumer. With her wish coming true, Saylor successfully escapes the clutches of her horrid bedroom that reminded her of the assault again and again. Taking a cab, she sets out to start afresh with many possibilities lying ahead of her. She just had to start all over again, move forward putting all her pain behind.

She must block out all the haunting memories and turn something bad into good. Now that she has managed to flee from her homeland, will she find happiness among her new friends? and for how long? Little does Saylor know that just when she accomplishes some of her greatest desires of becoming an artist, a dark secret awaits her. As she plunges deeper into her past, trying to make sense of everything around her she will discover that all her enemies are set to bring her down. Pick this book up and give it a read to find out if she successfully wards of all evil or surrenders to her inevitable fate.

The Theme of the Book and Suitable Age Group:

Corrupted Innocence is packed with all kinds of emotions and themes. The author manages to bring in tragedy, happiness, suspense, love, strength, and more to this tale. Caroline captures the many ordeals that young adults face in their life. It is a book that provides strength and courage to readers. It has some strong scenes and language, so it is appropriate for ages 18 and above.

Furthermore, scenes might be triggering for some people, as it consists of a description of sexual assault. So, this is something you might want to be aware of, otherwise the strong character of Saylor and her wonderful friends who help her grow are a delight to read. If you are looking for a book that enlightens you and tells you more about the hardships of assault, this is the book to read.


Yes, for all those who are unaware of the haunting experience of assault, Corrupted Innocence is an eye-opener. If you are someone who enjoys suspense, mystery and crime related books, this is must-read. Caroline has a unique writing style and you will enjoy reading her book. Corrupted Innocence is a book you will be thankful you stumbled across because it is a treasure, you will embark upon a path of exploration. It is an Australian literature book and you will uncover more about the deceitful and deceptive nature of political figures and privileged men. I enjoyed this book I hope you will too.


Brand New

Length: 372

Genre: Murder/Drama/Crime/YA Fiction/Contemporary Australian Literature

About The Author Caroline Mullarkey


5 reviews for Corrupted Innocence by Caroline Mullarkey AU $19.95

  1. Maureen

    Excellent reading lots of supence and drama

  2. Kerrie

    This is a really great book. I haven’t read such a good book since I was a teenager. I’m now sixty-one. I started reading Corrupted Innocence and couldn’t put it down because it was so exciting and riveting. I would really suggest this book to anyone that enjoys a good fiction novel. I highly recommend it.

  3. Kerrie

    This is a really brilliant book. I have not read such a good book since I was a teenager. I’m now sixty-one. I started reading Corrupted Innocence and couldn’t put it down because it was so exciting and riveting. I would really suggest this book to anyone that enjoys a good fiction novel. I highly recommend it.

  4. karin gasson

    I was recommended by a friend of Caroline’s to read her first novel Corrupted Innocence – I love reading books but usually only read books from well known authors but decided to read this book. I was absolutely amazed how brilliant it was and couldn’t stop reading – there were so many twists and turns and found it to be one of best books I have ever read (and I have read hundreds of books over the years). It was also great to read a book about Loch Sport and surrounding areas (as I live in Loch Sport) and cannot wait for a sequel or another book written by Caroline, I will be first to read that is for sure – she is a brilliant author!

  5. Chris

    Don’t usually read paperback but this is attention grabbing

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