Rebel Without a Clue by Jeanne Erickson

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AFTER Jenny Price loses her glamorous big-city job as a magazine editor, she goes to work as an EMT in her hometown—and hates it. Her bedside manner stinks, and whiny senior citizen patients drive her crazy. Then true disaster strikes when a drunk driver hits her ambulance and blows it sky high in a video that’s seen around the world! Desperate to track down the person behind the accident, Jenny’s bumbling detective work lands her in jail. But people she never imagined come to her rescue—in a heartwarming story of friendship, second chances and the magic that happens when you finally open your heart.

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Released in 2019

Brand New
Length: 384 pages
Genre: General Fiction

About the Author

Jeanne Erickson has written celebrity, human interest and real-life adventure stories for decades. Her work has been published in dozens of national and international magazines: US Weekly, STAR, OK! and Closer. . . Jeanne Erickson was a licensed EMT (Ambo) for five years. She drew on those experiences for her “Fantastic Fiction.” Jeanne lives in the New York City area. She is currently editor-in-chief of The National Examiner, a weekly celebrity magazine.

Fiction Book: Rebel Without a Clue by Jeanne Erickson

Rebel Without a Clue is heart-warming and humorous. An inspiration for people experiencing the uncertainty of starting over. Disenchanted and bitter, Jenny doesn’t realise that the lousy turn of events could ultimately lead her to a better life with a greater moral vision. In the ruins of her picture-perfect life and glamorous career, Jenny Price finds her true inner purpose through an unlikely path. Readers will find hope and hilarity in Erickson’s story through the pitfalls and struggles that her characters are challenged to overcome.

Rebel Without a Clue (Fiction book) Customer Reviews on Amazon

Romeo Einstein:

Imagine if Stephanie Plum was an EMT with a hilarious love-hate relationship with the elderly she served–that pretty much summarizes this HIGHLY ENTERTAINING beach read of a book with a lot of heart. Jeanne Erickson is a very funny writer. And it is she knows her subjects inside out. But she also has ironic distance that gives Rebel Without a Clue a great edge! I hope we get more of this great character. Get this book. You will laugh and you will ache.

Orphan Boy:

A Small Town girl, realizing her roots, sees that there are people out there who care. Our Author draws poignant vignettes from a lifetime of experience. Sometimes funny, sometimes sad, Jeanne Erickson has continued to expand her story-telling abilities. A good time will be had in reading “Rebel Without a Clue” and you will definitely find yourself identifying with the situations and the characters in this well-written book.


1 review for Rebel Without a Clue by Jeanne Erickson

  1. Mahimaa Sangar

    Jeanne Erickson’s Rebel Without a Clue is a different shade of fiction wrapped impressively in humour and mystery. Jenny Price stars as a dispassionate EMT with terrible bedside manner resigned to an attitude of “no shits”. Her world is the streets of Red Clay, in an ambulance shuttling elderly and disfigured patients. She doesn’t care about the people she deals with. She barely cares about herself. But that all changes with a declaration: “Work together – and you can change how the world sees senior citizens.”

    It’s a strange experience when something you read projects in the mind so vividly. When I opened to the first page of Rebel Without a Clue, I felt sick. Detailed in the first twenty lines was a reality of EMS I hadn’t considered before: patients who weren’t bleeding to death from an immediate accident but long-suffering patients disfigured –shredded – and rotting on the inside. This is the confronting picture presented by Jeanne; a look at the hidden scars of society.

    Jenny’s character gives us an interesting lens from which to see the dark parts of this world. Skimming the lines of despair and disrespect, Jenny challenges society’s resignation that senior citizens are doddering old fools. She’s rough, blunt and seemingly pessimistic but there’s a defiance in her that sets a fire in her elderly patients. “You are people who have loved and lived!” she tells them. This isn’t the poor attempt of a frustrated EMT working late nights. This is a person acknowledging another person and reviving their spirit to fight, to exist.

    Given Jenny’s bleak outlook on life, I was surprised by the depth in her observations and reflections of the elderly. This had a lot to do with the author’s writing style, which worked well to create a flowing sense of abruptness and contradiction. The writing is witty and laced with sarcasm. Jeanne Erickson makes you feel like you’re having a long conversation with Jenny at a restaurant in the city eating fine deserts with names you can’t pronounce. And all the while, she’s regaling tales of adventure and hardship in Red Clay.

    But this is just the tip of the iceberg! Amid the senior revolution is the case of a blown-up ambulance, a killed innocent victim and two ruined lives. Just when you think Jenny has enough problems trying to haul patients to the hospital, her world rearranges itself to fit a new definition of “problem”. And it’s one she can’t solve without her all-loving partner, Vivian Walker. Their partnership is one I’m immensely fond of because they are different, often abrasive but like clockwork.

    Overall, Rebel Without a Clue is a moving story of an older woman trying to find hope in a hopeless life. Her journey takes root against a backdrop of aged-care drama, and a puzzling accident that destroys what little structure her life has. But Jenny isn’t one to give in to wise, pushover patients breathing their last days away in understaffed nursing homes and care centres. She wants to change her life, and she wants to change what’s left of theirs too. If you love reading humorous mystery novels that challenge you and also have a social message, this is the book for you!

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