Mission: Angela

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A Compelling Story of Espionage and Love

After WW2 a defeated Germany is divided, and East Berlin becomes the de facto capital of the German Democratic Republic. The Berlin Wall is built which becomes the most powerful and oppressive iconic symbol of the Cold War.

West Berlin Police retrieve the body of a woman who drowned in the Havel River. Erna Klemp, an MI6 agent is assigned to take on the dead woman’s East Berlin identity. As Angela Muller she is sent through an escape tunnel on a perilous operation to East Berlin.

Her Mission? To infiltrate the Secret Police Headquarters of the Stasi. The Stasi is the most repressive, hated and feared arm of the GDR Government and responsible for espionage, domestic and political surveillance.

Angela gains promotion to Oberleutnant Axel Hempf’s administration where she must access Stasi secret intelligence, vital in assisting MI6 agents and the East Germans escape to the West.

Over time, and against better judgement, a dangerous attraction develops between Angela and Axel. It becomes so powerful and compelling they are unable to resist.

Changing their Lives Forever—


4 reviews for Mission: Angela

  1. Karen Marie

    This story, which is a wonderful combination of espionage, suspense and love is completely captivating.
    I couldn’t put it down!
    It is so beautifully written that you will feel as though you are there…feeling the fear and the passion of the very talented Angela as she builds relationships and saves lives, in the intriguing world of spies in a divided post war Germany.
    The author keeps you guessing about how Angela’s story will end, and trust me, you won’t know until the very end!
    I am normally a harsh critic, but would highly recommend this book to anyone.

  2. Helen Campbell (verified owner)

    Though far away in ‘Safe’Australia, the monstrous Berlin Wall captured our attention. Papers regularly reported on deaths of attempted escapees. Pop songs such as “West of the Wall” featured on radio.
    Mission Angela was our chance to immerse ourselves in the day to day lives of the undercover agents involved in the rescue process. The risks of the work were high but the risks involved in establishing and maintaining personal relationships were even higher. Who said being a spy was a glamorous profession?

  3. William Neil Plim

    A skillfully crafted story. Superbly written.
    This espionage love story flows seamlessly through the pages, taking the reader on a journey within the intelligence of the MI6 operations.
    The characters in this story of intrigue and espionage, are depicted exceptionally well in the way it connects with the reader.
    I thoroughly recommend this book.

  4. Fiona Harman

    What a fabulous book, full of mystery and intrigue.. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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