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When life, love and premiership glory are all on the line…

Red Time has suddenly taken on greater significance for nomadic country footballer, Mick Stewart.
While those final moments of the game have always been important for the renowned goal kicker, the stakes are even higher this time―with love, redemption and a missing woman’s life all on the line.
With the clock ticking down to zero and everything at stake, will Mick finally find the road to lasting glory or just another dead end?

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Released in 2019

Brand New

Length: 344 pages

Genre: Crime Fictionotball, murder, heartbreak, conspiracy, political corruption, love story

About The Author Matt Dunn


3 reviews for Red Time by Matt Dunn AU $24.95

  1. David Barker

    A wonderful first novel by Matt Dunn. Red Time follows the travels and travails of footballer for hire Mick Stewart – our flawed hero as he restlessly moves on after each successful season of country footy unable to commit to a relationship with a town or a partner as a result of a sad, tragic past.The story gallops along with subplots within subplots and is laced with laugh out loud humour leavened by reflections on domestic violence, redemption, narcissism.I wholeheartedly recommend this very accessible novel to everyone even if like me – oh shock horror -you don’t have an interest in Aussie Rules.

  2. Laura Gibb

    ‘Red Time’ is a well written, earthy novel about footy, pain, belonging and human nature.
    Mick, our protagonist, is athletic, smart and disciplined, a sought-after footballer in country AFL competitions. However, he struggles to connect with any place or anyone. When he was a child, Mick saw his father brutally beat his mother, and it’s left Mick with a pain and a desire for revenge that get in his way as he starts trying to build a life and forge some real relationships for once.
    Mick is something of a bridge between the old version of masculinity and emerging ideas about what it means to be a man. The novel is a timely examination of family violence, sexual violence and masculinity, but there’s no preaching. The fact that an ‘issue’ is part of the story in no way detracts from the drama.
    It’s warm, frank, insightful, funny at times, and better written than many books from bigger publishers. A genuine pleasure.

  3. Gavin Van Eede

    Mick Stewart is a flawed but gifted individual. A talented footballer with an inability to commit to life. Matt Dunn has written brilliant first novel of country life, football passion, and shadows from the past that refuse to go away. Filled with interesting, if not perfect characters and a story line full of twists and turns that will keep you wanting to read the next page. While the footy side of the story provides a lighter and sometimes witty element, the undertone of domestic violence gives a darker thriller edge. A very entertaining read.

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