Rocco and Friends by Tori Jeffress

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Rocco and Friends is a story about friendship and is suitable for 2–6-year-old boys and girls. When Rocco is treated badly by the other horses, he realises the importance of being true to himself and embracing what makes him unique. Rocco learns that friends aren’t always those who look similar or come from the same upbringing. Friends are those who you enjoy spending time with.

Rocco and Friends is designed to make children think about bullying. It also encourages them to discover and embrace their own special qualities within.

The story book includes drawing activities. 

REVIEW by Elissa Hiller (psychologist) 

Rocco and friends is a delightful children’s story about unlikely friendships. Rocco isn’t any ordinary horse, he’s a horse who gallops to his own beat. This story engages the reader in the beauty of being different and the gift of vulnerability (even when it hurts). It shares that true friendship is determined not by what you look like or how you behave, but by the gifts you bring to others. Acceptance for who you are and genuine connection are not mutually exclusive, but are both required to gallop in your own herd. This story teaches children that friendships require kindness and compassion and that words really can hurt. What a joy to read about this delightful horse and his true friends! The colouring in at the end is a gift that just keeps giving.


Hard Cover

28 Pages

For countries outside Australia and New Zealand the paperback is available at Amazon


9 reviews for Rocco and Friends by Tori Jeffress

  1. Elissa

    A delightful tale of friendship and the importance of having friends that help your inner light shine that little bit brighter. Miss 10 and Mr 7 love the story of Rocco and the friendships he develops.

  2. Shiralee

    Beautiful book, great story about looking for the positives.

  3. Julie Short

    Rocco & friends is truly a wonderful little story about true friendship whether they are humans or animals .
    A beautiful little story Tori Jeffress, well done

  4. Heidi

    Kids love this book – and so do I! Reading this story to the foster kids who stay with me has opened up important conversations about friendship, dealing with kids at school who are unkind to them and about how we treat others. The illustrations are absolutely beautiful and the kids love the colouring-in pages at the back of the book. Such a beautiful book with such an important message.

  5. Jennifer Boers

    After searching for a suitable book for a friend’s preschooler, I purchased ROCCO AND FRIENDS by Tori Jeffress. The cover was instantly appealing as was the storyline and beautiful, colourful illustrations. I’m told the book has become a firm favourite with the recipient and the activity pages allow the child to draw their own interpretation of the characters in the book. We look forward to this talented young author producing a second children’s book.

  6. Julie

    Wonderful story Tori! Very relatable text that tied in well with a Resilience Program the preschool is currently implementing. We look forward to the next book.

  7. Freya

    This book beautifully portrays friendships and inclusion through farm animals, it’s a great book for kids to help them to learn about kindness and how their actions can impact others.

  8. Cal

    We love Rocco and Friends!
    The illustrations are beautiful. The book teaches kids about resilience and the importance of friendships . Looking forward to reading the next book in the pipeline. Great job Tori !

  9. Bec

    This was a beautiful book and highlighted the importance of friendship. Beautiful illustrations and a lovely book to read with children. Enjoyed by all here!

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