The Goddess by Macherla Diwakar


“Don’t take life too seriously. Sometimes, I might have fun with you,” she warned me. And then she was gone, the way she had come into my life one evening, suddenly and unannounced, claiming she was God.

“You look like a Goddess,” I remarked, during our first encounter.

“God is also a Goddess,” she replied.

“But they say that God can be seen only in a particular form and addressed by a particular name! Some others say you cannot be seen,” I said still doubting her.

“Whoever said that does not know anything about me. What’s the fun in my being God, if I can’t be seen in any form and called by any name?”

Thus began my odyssey with the Goddess, at times funny, at other times dangerous, but always thrilling, as long as it lasted, and it lasted for more than a year.

THE GODDESS is also a story within a story, about Lakshmi, my long-lost female friend, who visualises a swift, smooth marriage when she embarks on a love affair, unaware of the forces she has unleashed in the process.


Brand New
Length: 300 pages
Genre: Spiritual Suspense


The Goddess by Macherla Diwakar







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