Zac’s Magic Legs by Jed Hart

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Life is a roller coaster ride when Zac’s right knee and left foot show him how to run faster than a salt lake race car. Together, with the erratic help of Julian Wimple, world’s youngest billionaire, they must SAVE AUSTRALIA from the great toilet roll heist of 2020.


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1 review for Zac’s Magic Legs by Jed Hart

  1. Mahimaa Sangar

    Zac’s Magic Legs by Jed Hart is motion-packed entertainment rolled up in humour and adventure! Zac Hart stars as a strange youngster with a unique ability and problem. His world is anything but normal and that’s what makes it amazing. He hears voices. And not just any voices. On this ninth birthday, Zac meets two special characters: his right knee and left foot.

    Some stories are so mountainous; it takes a witty pen to put them to paper. The idea of a Flash-like kid with superhuman abilities and a country’s toilet roll shortage to deal with sounds like a lot to pack into a children’s book, but Jed knows how to twist his turns. Detailed in the first chapter was a hilarious set of events which had me entirely on-board: self-aware body parts and a sudden mission to rescue Australian bottoms from a less-than-glamorous loo experience. This is without a doubt, the strangest mix of events to cape a kid’s heroic story.

    In axiomatic fashion, Zac’s character plays across the pages. Racing through the streets of Melbourne, Zac learns to lean on his two most trusted advisors and squabbling leg-mates. He’s fired-up, judicious and very adorable but it’s the industrious nature in him that gets the paper turning. “Got it…Say no more,” he declares time and time again. This young man takes the clue crumbs of his overly-enthusiastic body parts and pieces together a complete adventure. Like Mr Skidmarks’ shoes, he blazes a trail of the ‘SNAZZIEST, COOLEST, TOUGHEST’ mission.

    Given Zac’s fast-paced run through his objectives, I was surprised by the depth of content for older audiences. This is definitely a credit to the author’s writing style which injects golden nuggets of Australian slang to create a crazy-fun stage. The writing is decorous, to-the-point when need be and cheeky at other times. Jed Hart makes you feel like you have more Australian in your blood then you ever gave yourself credit for. There’s an instant reaction to every joke that hits the mark every time.

    But it doesn’t end there! Amid the toilet paper heist is an exploration of values and friendship. Zac not only navigates right and wrong, he even maintains his friendship while trying to problem solve Australia’s toilet roll shortage. He manages to speak up to his best friend and even the red-nosed, factory owner with a colourful vocabulary. The cast of this book are simply terrific; just vague enough for the imagination to run wild.

    Overall, Zac’s Magic Legs is a magnificent story of a young boy finding his feet – and knee, literally. His journey spans the desert expanse of Australia’s centre and the suburbs of Victoria. It clings to the very end of every page flick and lingers at the beginning of a new one. Zac wants to do more than enjoy life. He wants to challenge himself and the people in his community too. If you love reading stories that absorb you like three-ply toilet paper absorbs moisture, this is the book for you! No joke.

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