Block 33 – Book 2 – The Jake Hunt Series by Jed Hart

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Jake Hunt kills a homicidal drug dealer. Though it was self-defence, the maddened leader of an international cartel has sworn revenge, and Jake and girlfriend Nicole must fight for their lives. 

With a fortune at stake and their lives in the balance, the action races from Peru to New Guinea, Australia and on to the UK. The young couple’s love is tested to breaking point, and Jake needs an edge to survive. In this battle there can only be winners and losers.

 —There will be no draw—


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Block 33 by Jed Hart Book Two in The Jake Hunt Series

Book 2 in The Jake Hunt Series by Jed Hart

Release Date: Nov 2022
Brand New
Length: 386 pages
Genre: Action Thriller

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without warning by Jed HartBook 1 in the Jake Hunt Series by Jed Hart

Jake Hunt has finished with war, but when he travels to Brunei, a routine assignment is fragmented. Terrorists attack the Sultanate, seeking power and revenge.
Working alongside Jake, Nicole Roswell realises that the thoughtful man she knows is also an incorrigible risk taker, whose actions challenge her ideas of right and wrong.
As the terrorists escalate their violent campaign, those involved must act to protect themselves and the ones they love.

Without Warning by Jed  Hart: The Jake Hunt Series

Released April 2020
Brand New
Length: 344 pages
Genre: Action Thriller

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1 review for Block 33 – Book 2 – The Jake Hunt Series by Jed Hart

  1. PJ

    A ripper book held me involved with a great action story which combined a world of drugs and crime from Peru then revealing the corporate corruption in hydrocarbons offshore industry. Very well researched to present as a very believable series of events in the overall plot.

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