The Jake Hunt Series: Without Warning by Jed Hart

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New Release 2020
Brand New
Length: 344 pages
Genre: Action Thriller

The JAKE HUNT Series:
Without Warning by Jed  Hart.
Jake Hunt has finished with war, but when he travels to Brunei, a routine assignment is fragmented. Terrorists attack the Sultanate, seeking power and revenge.
Working alongside Jake, Nicole Roswell realises that the thoughtful man she knows is also an incorrigible risk taker, whose actions challenge her ideas of right and wrong.
As the terrorists escalate their violent campaign, those involved must act to protect themselves and the ones they love.

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4 reviews for The Jake Hunt Series: Without Warning by Jed Hart

  1. Russell William Hogg (verified owner)

    Jed Hart has written a spellbinding account of life in the modern fast lane. This book intertwines so many intricate plots of old war heros, terrorism, religious fanaticism, big international business, and love and loyalty, that once started it is hard to put down. The book is very readable and believable and carries an amazing amount of exciting operational detail within all the subplots. I was very impressed with the book, and look forward to reading the next two in Jake Hunt series.
    Russell Hogg

  2. Sharyn McDonald (verified owner)

    Jed Hart’s Without Warning is a thriller that moves at a cracking pace, taking the reader from London to Brunei with mounting tension as it culminates in a terrorist attack.
    Jake Hunt and Nicole Roswell are strong credible characters with depth and substance. The plot has many twists and turns which makes this novel hard to put down.
    Jed’s Vietnam War experience and his years flying helicopters around the world has provided a sound background for this novel. For one not so technically minded I thought I might lost in the detail. Not so and I found Without Warning an great read.
    I have really enjoyed the first in the Jake Hunt series and look forward to further adventures for Jake and Nicole in Catch 33.

    Sharyn McDonald

  3. Frank McKeon (verified owner)

    I very much enjoyed the fast-paced action as the story unfolded from countryside England to Heathrow, to Brunei then Singapore and looked forward to each succeeding chapter as the tension mounted. A great level of very interesting and realistic aviation and military operational detail highlights Jake’s hands-on expertise from his Vietnam combat and aviation experiences. Roll-on Jake’s next adventure in the Global oil and gas industry: BLOCK 33.

  4. Peter James (verified owner)

    From start to finish I was drawn in by this well researched story laced with authentic insights from the authors personal experiences. The authors style delivered in spades on action and a fast moving plot based around his first hand exposure to security threats in oil & gas industry. I look forward to a continuation of Jake Hunt series and Block 33 mentioned as an upcoming novel.

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